Eco-Friendly Acoustic Wall Panels Offer Superior Sound Quality and Savings

As an environmentally-friendly alternative to common materials used in acoustic wall panels, 100% recycled cellulose-based insulation offers superior sound quality and savings compared to other materials such as fiberglass or cotton.

Cellulose-based acoustic panels are made entirely of recycled paper and are relatively inexpensive to produce. The basic material used in these panels can be manufactured without anything going to waste. Cellulose-based products are also made of recycled paper such as newspapers or cardboard, making it several times more biodegradable and affordable compared to most materials. Aside Ceiling Rafts from these, it takes less energy and fuel to produce these items.

When it comes to safety and ease of installation, cellulose-based panels and insulation are also highly rated. This material meets most fire and building code requirements and contains no chemical irritants or other harmful particles, which can be dangerous if inhaled. It is also easy to handle, and requires no special equipment to install, making DIY projects a breeze.

Compared to fiberglass insulation or soundproofing, cellulose-based acoustic panels are better for increasing the sound absorption and reducing the existence of outdoor noise in rooms because of the density of the cellulose fibers present in the panels. Furthermore, cellulose-based acoustic treatments are also “greener.” Unlike cotton products, which are the original choice of environmentally-conscious consumers, cellulose-based paneling is treated with fungicide a formula that resists the growth of mold and mildew.

Cellulose-based acoustic wall panels outperform its counterparts in terms of safety, sound quality, and for meeting environment-friendly standards. It is the obvious choice of ecologically-aware individuals who desire high-quality